A positive risk…..

I sit here staring into the blank screen…  what to write? 

The word Risk comes to mind:  a course involving an uncertain outcome.  I’m coming off an inspiring workshop held by the www.creativelive.com team with Jasmine Star just a meer couple weeks ago.  My perspective completely changed.  My outlook uplifted and inspired.  So many things to digest… yet the main component of the weekend was this:  you have to “put yourself out there; get uncomfortable”.  Boy she wasn’t kidding when she said it would be work, “a labor of love”.  The work personally is the moving past the emotional panic. I’m the quite & shy one… hanging out with Jasmine as the “wallpaper”.   Slowly but surely I am making contacts.  I’ve FB friend the entire J*wolfpack[Candice, Ashley, Tim, John, Anthony, & Christy]  { yep stalking all of you 🙂  }  thank  you for accepting, and thank you for your words of encouragement to one another and to me; I am loving my network of fellow photographers!, Tweeted, and had a “google” moment… which has led to other moments. Then there is this Blog…. It’s always been in my head.. while I’m driving the route I take day in and day out… { for those that don’t know me, I also drive a school bus }.  I hope though that I can take those thoughts and turn them into the written word.  Not sure where this will go, or where it will take me, but this journey of “positive risk”, as uncertain as it maybe at this time, will be one that will be of personal growth as a person and as a photographer.