Erin + Mike’s Wedding

As Connor, the brides’ son, summed it up that day….. ” the sun sucked our brain juice”.  Probably not the way one would sum up a June brides wedding…. but it is June in Arkansas, and although the “norm” is supposed to be the mid-80’s, this summer is starting out to be a hot one….. 100* not factoring in the humidity.  Nonetheless this wedding wasn’t going to let a heat advisory stop us.   The audience, a small, intimate group, composed of close friends and family were in attendance, braving the sun with unbrellas and battery operated fans.

 Did I mention it was an outside wedding?   Beautiful location set amongst the Hot Springs National Park at the Ampitheater in the Gulpha Gorge….. it was all green, and the creek was splashing against the rocks, sunny, and not a cloud in sight… Erin was radiant, confident, and gorgeous as she walked with her adorable son, who happened to decide this was the time to speed walk the aisle. She: unable to stop smiling at her hansome groom; He:  despirately tried to stay composed… smiling with tearing eyes.  I didn’t notice it as much until I started editing the photos of the ceremony… and then I wanted to tear up myself.  I’m a little biased though, being that Erin, I’ve known since birth… we are dear friends.  Mike, I met the same day she met him.  Who would’ve thought El Chico and the Demolition Derby on a warm fall evening would’ve ended like this?  All I knew then was that I had met a kindred spirit.  Now he is a dear family member!  No words will ever express the happiness and joy I have for these two. 

For months I’ve been planning in my head the different poses we could use on this day in conjunction with the locations Erin and Mike had scoped out.  Of course, as with most weddings, there is always a bit of modification and adjustment, and so it was on this day… who would have thought it would have been so hot?!?  So we quickly went with “plan B”, and changed our location to a place with  air conditioning!: 

Special Thanks to The Arlington Hotel, who allowed us to invade their lobby.

The highlight of the reception was no doubt the mother-son dance.                                        The bride, Erin with her son, Connor.                                                                                       Imagine:  Boom Boom Pow by the Black-eyed Peas filling the reception room … Connor mimicing the words, pausing at moments, robot/karate moves follow, and then into a move I can only describe was reminicent of the riverdance, he had the entire audience at attention and entertained…. what an opening start to rejoice in celebration with the bride and groom.  Then we rocked the house down!  Quite literally; our happy couple are 80’s rock band fans … and so was the DJ { smile }.

 I wish ever happiness to my two dear friends as they begin their journey as one….

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