52 on Friday ~ week 6

This weeks theme is: LOVE

Way too many directions for this theme to go……. Whichever way this went it would be a journey, a trip, a discovery of what it means to be in love, to feel love, to lose love, to express it, to hope for it….. I felt it best described through a couple quotes I found on-line:

“Loves Journey”

by Amanda Prescott

The road to happiness is laiden with twists and turns, sharp and winding. The obstacles never ending. Each day gives us hope for a brighter tomorrow, new beginings. The promise of things to come. Our hopes and dreams never fading, nor will we allow it.

When the days wear long and it seems I can barely hold on, I close my eyes and think of you. And just as the warmth of the sun touches my skin, I recall how you have touched my heart.

I take a deep breathe and sigh. I picture your smile, the innocence in your laughter.         I think of how you have brought so much love, faith, hope and happiness into my life. Proving that true love really does exist. I think of your touch, the warmth in your embrace. I feel your strength in everything that you do. And it gives me the strength and courage to push forward. I’ve never felt so complete or so alive till I found you.

I open my eyes, smiling. Knowing nothing can bring me down. The road to happiness has been long. Sometimes taking us down a worn and beaten path. Our faith in love has pulled us through, showing us the way. And so, we shall walk side by side, eternally, through our loves journey.

Check out the rest of our lovely photographers thoughts and creative photography of this weeks theme by starting with Jonathan Yoder of Jon Yoder, Photographer   ~ Enjoy!


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