52 on Friday ~ week 21

This is a chair that not only do I have fond memories of………. I have rocked myself more than once in this chair that used to sit in my grandma Eileen Gibson’s room…. and now it sits in my mothers room…. 

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52 on Friday ~ week 20

I was looking forward to this post last week, thinking last weekend was our family reunion…. but oops I got the dates wrong… its this weekend…. alas I have to drum up some past pictures for this post.  Families are so unique.  I love looking into the past to see where we came from, what makes us up, what events affected each member and how that directed them…. if I had the time I’d probably be on Ancestry.com alot!  I’m kind of the main branch when it comes to keeping up with everyone when it comes to my mom’s side of the family ~ the Garton clan.  So this coming weekend should be an interesting one, and I’m sure to blog about it later.  This side of the family, my dad’s side ~the Pence clan, I don’t know so well, which makes me a little anxious to be honest. My brain is going to be on overload trying to remember what everyone’s name is and how they connect…. lets pray there is a chart { uuhh… hem… a tree maybe??? }  Anywho there will be a fish fry and so we can all connect over food…. ah comforts!

Here’s a few pics of my  extended family ~

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52 on Friday ~ week 19

The woman who has taught me love, understanding, endurance, and faith.  We have had our trials, some so unimaginable, and yet we have come through them closer than I could have ever imagined.   If you would have told me 20 years ago { that tumultuous teen years }, well even 12 years ago, that she and I would be as close as we are now, and that she would be living with me again…..whoa I would have thought you were out of your mind!  Funny how time and the crazy circumstances life hands you or the life choices you weave change relationships.  Love ya momma!

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52 on Friday ~ week 18

Night is enjoyed when the tv is off, the air is cool, the sky is clear, a book in hand, & coffee with you dearest sister … and all you can hear is nature at its best entertainment …. ahhh.

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