52 on Friday ~ week 30

So I chose apples for this weeks theme, just because that happened to be what I had.  Nevertheless apples are such a perfect fruit:  colorful, crisp, crunchy, sweet to sour, and you can do so many things with them.  I honestly just like them cold out of the refrigerator for a nice mid-afternoon snack most days.  Unless its when my mom makes homemade applesauce then that’s my other favorite.  Enjoy & happy Friday everyone!

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52 on Friday ~ week 29

“my brown eyed girl ….. you my brown eyed girl” { van morrison }.

We’re looking at eyes this week …… so here’s an upclose & personal shot of myself and my dear girl Addie, my 2yr old areadoodle, we’re the brown eye girls in the family.

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52 on Friday ~ week 28

“Its sparkly!”  so says my niece, from diamond rings to glitter covered shoes, she loves it all.  I didn’t stretch too far this week in my imagination…. but here goes it anyway….

Check out how Mark  is sparkly this week by clicking HERE.  Have a fabulous friday!