52 on Friday – week 36

This weeks theme takes me back about 15yrs to a camping trip I have fond memories of.  Camping when it was stress free and laid back, totally Colorado style: a couple friends, hike a couple miles, find a spot and set it up….. complete roughing it, but it was a blast.  Since I was with my dear girlfriends…. we took a picture of our feet just to be a little silly because of course I never left home without the camera!

So put your feet up this friday, enjoy the rain, and take a click over to Anna


52 on Friday ~ week 35

Hi everyone, so we focus on texture this week……. { randomly walks around house }.  Spots  fluffy frog given to her for an anniversary present.

Ah ha the couch! { although it seems like an “obvious” picture– corduroy}.  Spots something smooth { smooth is a “texture” right? }

And finally happens upon branches…. Yep that should cover it 😛  Happy Friday!

Now click on over to Mark 🙂

52 on Friday ~ week 32

My friend, Jill Shirley, and I have dove into the world of business in the last couple of months.  Welcome to Beautiful Baltic Designs! Its been a blast though, and very exciting.  We just started displaying & selling items at The Green Corner Store.  We are designing and making necklaces, primarily focusing on Baltic Amber, but are venturing out in designing with other stones too.  Its been quite interesting learning about the healing benefits of Amber, how the succinic acid reacts with the skin and allieviates certain pain, such as arthritis, headaches, and teething pain in infants….This week we focus on “broken”.  This is Jill’s husbands necklace that they bought last year, but it “broke” when their 14mo. old pulled on it.  We fixed it this week. Have a great Friday! Go check out Kim next 🙂