52 on Friday ~ games

Wondering how many of us pulled out the Monopoly game this week for our theme?…. I know I did!  How can you go wrong with cute figurines?

Happy Friday and many days of playing games…….  Now check out what Laura has in store this week 🙂


52 on Friday ~ week 37b ~ plaid

So I got a little off on my weeks… this is actually week 37, and we dive into “plaid”.  I had nothing plaid of my own, which is surprising since I like plaid, but alas nothing in my home to showcase.  So since I am at my friend Jill’s house often, she has the most adorable cloth diapers for her sons…. so I’m showcasing them this week, had to steal a picture off facebook to do so too.  Enjoy & have a fabulous first day of fall this weekend!

Check out what Kim came up with by clicking here 🙂