52 on Friday – vintage

I took this last year while rummaging thru a thrift/antique store in Mountain View.  We go there every year, the last weekend of October, to the annual Bean Festival.  Where else could you get a good bowl of beans, or actually several tastings of beans and cornbread for free, experience some  Bluegrass music, antiquing, and crisp fall air than this beautiful little town.  I’m headed there this year, this week, even as you read these words. Check out Erin’s Vintage post.…  


52 on Friday ~ crisp

When I thought of “crisp” several things came to mind…… the crisp morning air we’ve been enjoying this week, hard crisp apples are my favorite, crispy things such as: chips, rice crispy’s, fall leaves….. Or what I focus on this week, crisp clean laundry all ironed and hung up… ahhhhhh.   Happy Friday everyone!   See what type of “crisp” Anna came up with 🙂