52 on Friday ~ The End

Its been several weeks since this project ended.  I think I had to take a break and step away from the project before I could fully process all 52 weeks.  I look back learning a lot about myself.  1. I love close-ups.  I think it is what defines my style of photography in all venues. 2. I’m a huge procrastinator… yep I admit it.  At least when it comes to “projects”.  Clients I am totally devoted to and keenly focused on taking care of them in a timely manner.  Projects though…… yep a procrastinator, I cannot tell you how many times I waited until the last minute to photograph the “theme” and throw a few words together.  But maybe that’s how I work, great under pressure!  3. I’m not a huge writer.  I went into this project knowing that, and it is something I am still struggling with….. putting thought into printed words.  I am determined to become better at it….. and to do it more often.  4.  I got to know some amazing photographers and see how similar and different we are, it was exciting each week to see what we came up with, and I miss that weekly connection we made, but happy we still keep in touch via facebook.

I’ve heard from several friends how much they have enjoyed the pictures that I shared each week.  They may never know how much that really means!  Phew!  Some days I lack faith in myself or what I do.  To know that it was enjoyed keeps me going 🙂  I hope that everyone else has felt the same.  Thanks for sharing your time with me each week.  It was truly amazing.