52 on Friday ~ The End

Its been several weeks since this project ended.  I think I had to take a break and step away from the project before I could fully process all 52 weeks.  I look back learning a lot about myself.  1. I love close-ups.  I think it is what defines my style of photography in all venues. 2. I’m a huge procrastinator… yep I admit it.  At least when it comes to “projects”.  Clients I am totally devoted to and keenly focused on taking care of them in a timely manner.  Projects though…… yep a procrastinator, I cannot tell you how many times I waited until the last minute to photograph the “theme” and throw a few words together.  But maybe that’s how I work, great under pressure!  3. I’m not a huge writer.  I went into this project knowing that, and it is something I am still struggling with….. putting thought into printed words.  I am determined to become better at it….. and to do it more often.  4.  I got to know some amazing photographers and see how similar and different we are, it was exciting each week to see what we came up with, and I miss that weekly connection we made, but happy we still keep in touch via facebook.

I’ve heard from several friends how much they have enjoyed the pictures that I shared each week.  They may never know how much that really means!  Phew!  Some days I lack faith in myself or what I do.  To know that it was enjoyed keeps me going 🙂  I hope that everyone else has felt the same.  Thanks for sharing your time with me each week.  It was truly amazing. 


52 on Friday ~ favorite

If anyone knows me really well they know that my favorite beverage is:  coffee.  Its how I start my mornings.  Its how I enjoy my day.  Its a comfort beverage.  The aroma of a strong cup of java with a yummy hazelnut or at this time of year a pumpkin spice creamer, warms my heart…. its such a treat!  The feel of the warm cup is just perfect for my hand to wrap around.  Enjoy your Friday!  Check out what Erin’s favorite thing is.


52 on Friday – vintage

I took this last year while rummaging thru a thrift/antique store in Mountain View.  We go there every year, the last weekend of October, to the annual Bean Festival.  Where else could you get a good bowl of beans, or actually several tastings of beans and cornbread for free, experience some  Bluegrass music, antiquing, and crisp fall air than this beautiful little town.  I’m headed there this year, this week, even as you read these words. Check out Erin’s Vintage post.…  

52 on Friday ~ crisp

When I thought of “crisp” several things came to mind…… the crisp morning air we’ve been enjoying this week, hard crisp apples are my favorite, crispy things such as: chips, rice crispy’s, fall leaves….. Or what I focus on this week, crisp clean laundry all ironed and hung up… ahhhhhh.   Happy Friday everyone!   See what type of “crisp” Anna came up with 🙂

52 on Friday ~ week 37b ~ plaid

So I got a little off on my weeks… this is actually week 37, and we dive into “plaid”.  I had nothing plaid of my own, which is surprising since I like plaid, but alas nothing in my home to showcase.  So since I am at my friend Jill’s house often, she has the most adorable cloth diapers for her sons…. so I’m showcasing them this week, had to steal a picture off facebook to do so too.  Enjoy & have a fabulous first day of fall this weekend!

Check out what Kim came up with by clicking here 🙂

52 on Friday ~ week 35

Hi everyone, so we focus on texture this week……. { randomly walks around house }.  Spots  fluffy frog given to her for an anniversary present.

Ah ha the couch! { although it seems like an “obvious” picture– corduroy}.  Spots something smooth { smooth is a “texture” right? }

And finally happens upon branches…. Yep that should cover it 😛  Happy Friday!

Now click on over to Mark 🙂

52 on Friday ~ week 32

My friend, Jill Shirley, and I have dove into the world of business in the last couple of months.  Welcome to Beautiful Baltic Designs! Its been a blast though, and very exciting.  We just started displaying & selling items at The Green Corner Store.  We are designing and making necklaces, primarily focusing on Baltic Amber, but are venturing out in designing with other stones too.  Its been quite interesting learning about the healing benefits of Amber, how the succinic acid reacts with the skin and allieviates certain pain, such as arthritis, headaches, and teething pain in infants….This week we focus on “broken”.  This is Jill’s husbands necklace that they bought last year, but it “broke” when their 14mo. old pulled on it.  We fixed it this week. Have a great Friday! Go check out Kim next 🙂

52 on Friday ~ week 30

So I chose apples for this weeks theme, just because that happened to be what I had.  Nevertheless apples are such a perfect fruit:  colorful, crisp, crunchy, sweet to sour, and you can do so many things with them.  I honestly just like them cold out of the refrigerator for a nice mid-afternoon snack most days.  Unless its when my mom makes homemade applesauce then that’s my other favorite.  Enjoy & happy Friday everyone!

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