I Picture Hope is an international network of professional photographers, makeup artists, and stylists founded by a professional photographer with hot pink hair and great big dreams, Camille Neighbors of Camille Denae Photography in Greenville, TX.  The goal of I Picture Hope is offer women fighting or surviving breast cancer a professional photo session, absolutely free!  Every client receives 10 fully edited digital files from their session which they are free to print for personal use.

  There is no attempt to sell anything.  “It’s just our way of saying you are so beautiful,” says Camille.  “You’re still a woman, no matter what the disease has done to you. 

As an I Picture Hope Affiliate Photographer I am so excited to make a difference in the lives of women fighting or surviving breast cancer.  This is a disease that effects us all on some level and I want to use my skill behind the camera to help women see that they are beautiful.  This is a cause I’m passionate about and I would love to show you how a free I Picture Hope session can improve the way you feel, think and fight breast cancer.

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