52 on Friday ~ Peace

So when I look up at the clouds it just seems so peaceful up there on a beautiful sunny day with white puffy clouds & crisp blue sky….. Enjoy your Friday this first day of Winter!   See what Erin  has in store for Peace.

july 2010 416


52 on Friday ~ tied up with strings

Easy peasy this week…. I deal with tying string at least 3 days a week.  Its the way we make our very stylish baby teething necklaces for Beautiful Baltic Designs.  We take the string and tie a knot in between each Amber bead, reassuring all the beads won’t be lost  if the worst case scenario occurred and the necklace came apart.   Enjoy your Friday and take a look at what Kim  has tied up with string.

tied up with string-1 tied up with string-2

52 on Friday ~ games

Wondering how many of us pulled out the Monopoly game this week for our theme?…. I know I did!  How can you go wrong with cute figurines?

Happy Friday and many days of playing games…….  Now check out what Laura has in store this week 🙂

52 on Friday – week 36

This weeks theme takes me back about 15yrs to a camping trip I have fond memories of.  Camping when it was stress free and laid back, totally Colorado style: a couple friends, hike a couple miles, find a spot and set it up….. complete roughing it, but it was a blast.  Since I was with my dear girlfriends…. we took a picture of our feet just to be a little silly because of course I never left home without the camera!

So put your feet up this friday, enjoy the rain, and take a click over to Anna

52 on Friday ~ week 23

You know when you take a “road trip” and imagine its going to go smooth & well …. Right?  Ha! I know what was I thinking?!?!  Granted road trips seem to be looked back upon with some humor…. And so it began 12 days ago….

I have some friends fromNew Mexico, who were moving here, but ran into a “road block” you could say….. Their trailer broke down. Which isn’t funny by itself, but when you hear that they literally were at the state line, Exit 0 to be exact, it’s kind of funny now to think back… they just couldn’t seem to get out of the state!  If you knew them its funny because they’ve had so many road blocks and delays just to get to the point of moving….. And then this happens.

Ouy right?   To the rescue comes me.  After hearing that the threads to this trailer had melted and really there was no fixing it and apparently in the two closest towns/cities… there were no U-Hauls or other renting facilities…….. So what other option is there on a Memorial Day weekend???  Yep you have it… So my mom and I jumped into our truck, rented a trailer from U-Haul and mad the 600 mile trip, non-stop to the NM state line to help out our friends and get them moved.  Oh sure we thought no problem.  That was the beginning of our adventure really.  This caravan was a site to see!

Once loaded up again, and on our way…… the tarp covering the items continued to come uncovered and whip all over the place, no counting how many times we pulled over on I-40E to fix it.  At one point we lost a blanket…. Poor car following us got wacked with it; I can just imagine the driver’s thoughts.  Then after about 4 hours of driving, while stopped for gas, my friend notices that some of the lug nuts on her tire are missing….. What?!?!  Thankfully we were just a few miles away from an auto parts store, where here brother-in-law worked.  An hour later we were finally back on the road again….. 32 hours later we arrived home…… well mom and I arrived anyway…. Apparently somewhere in Arkansas the lug nuts again fell out, noticeable this time, and off the side of the road they were again.  Cell phone had died.  The dad had to drive to my home, unload his Jeep and then drive back to get the rest of the family…. And I thought I had had a long weekend!

Then we got into the rental house a few days later….. Whoa the smell!!  It was disgusting!  Our feet stuck to the floor.  Yep it was gonna be more work than we had imagined…. Meh.  So we started cleaning, ripping up flooring, and patching holes.  We thought the kids would be of some help in the painting dept.  I know we had lost our minds by that point….. but kids are kids… and they gave us some laughs, they were a HUGE  help… =P

After 7 days of straight cleaning, paining, and laying flooring… 8-10hour days mind you, we were exhausted.  I’m not even sure if this humorous moment will actually translate to paper or not….. but now it’s an inside joke.  Meandy and I were making a list of things we needed, and then suddenly changed our conversation to the fact that we needed to call the gas company and see if they were the ones that connected the stove to the gas connection or not…. So our minds were on the “gas company”, not on our “list”.  My mom was still thinking “list”, and mentions “5”  … we just look at her like she’s lost her mind, what in the world is she talking about?  Speed dial on the phone for the gas company???  “you know the #5 on the list she says”   We’re still confused.  Minutes later we finally get that she’s talking about the shopping list and that we need a #5 for the outside of the house to mark the house number.  We just laughed until our sides hurt.  Yep we were just a little bit tired.

Check out Mark’s humorous story by clicking HERE.  Enjoy your weekend!

52 on Friday ~ week 21

This is a chair that not only do I have fond memories of………. I have rocked myself more than once in this chair that used to sit in my grandma Eileen Gibson’s room…. and now it sits in my mothers room…. 

Click HERE to see what Jon has for his memory…….   Have a great weekend everyone!

52 on Friday ~ week 19

The woman who has taught me love, understanding, endurance, and faith.  We have had our trials, some so unimaginable, and yet we have come through them closer than I could have ever imagined.   If you would have told me 20 years ago { that tumultuous teen years }, well even 12 years ago, that she and I would be as close as we are now, and that she would be living with me again…..whoa I would have thought you were out of your mind!  Funny how time and the crazy circumstances life hands you or the life choices you weave change relationships.  Love ya momma!

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52 on Friday ~ week 18

Night is enjoyed when the tv is off, the air is cool, the sky is clear, a book in hand, & coffee with you dearest sister … and all you can hear is nature at its best entertainment …. ahhh.

Check out what night means to our other photographers by starting HERE with Laura.  Enjoy your Friday everyone!

52 on Friday ~ week 15

April showers bring May flowers….. or so the saying goes… it also brings baby showers, bridal showers, wedding showers 🙂

I love me a shower!  I love planning one! { i’m a wanna be “party planner” }…. so bring on the showers!  See how Laura showers by clicking HERE ;P