52 on Friday ~ week 4

I’m cheating this week ( i think? ).  I am using a photo I took last week for this weeks theme:  Black & White

Not sure what to write this week, other than my “black & white” influence would be the obvious famous favorite, Ansel Adams.   Our climate/weather is strange this year and it can’t decide whether it wants to be spring or winter…. Our poor plant-life is  very confused… this was of a tree budding in Blanchard Springs… Yesterday I saw daffodils and tulips in bloom… two months early… its January….. January!

Enjoy!   Remember to check out the other photographers in our group and see what they came up with for this weeks theme.  Start here with Kayleigh of Kayleigh Ross Photography


52 on Friday ~ week 3

This weeks theme:  beginnings

My mom moved in with us last November from New Mexico.  Although she is familiar with the area a bit ( she’s lived in the benton, malvern, & hot springs areas ), she is still “new” and is slowly getting to know ones.   My friends Ann and her daughter Christine ( who moved here from Massachusetts last year, to be near her mom ) thought it would be fun to invite us on a little road trip, since we were off on Monday, so that we could all get to know one another better.

The “plan” was to go to Blanchard Springs Caverns just north of Mountain View.  I say “plan” because once we arrived at the park, we found that the visitors center was closed     ( duh, it was a federal holiday…oops ), and they only did tours Tuesday – Sunday.

~rubs chin…. hmmm… “plan b”? ~

We decided to check out the camp sites… its Christine’s personal goal to go to all of Arkansas State Parks.  Then we took a short walk to the Falls.  I never get tired of going there… there is something about nature, water, rocks.  Ah ha!  inspiration hit…. after I finished taking a picture of a family that was there that had asked 🙂   I will take a group picture of us… its our “beginning of a beautiful relationship“, to mark the day and new friendships that have only just begun.  Enjoy!

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