52 on Friday ~ week 18

Night is enjoyed when the tv is off, the air is cool, the sky is clear, a book in hand, & coffee with you dearest sister … and all you can hear is nature at its best entertainment …. ahhh.

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52 on Friday ~ week #2

This week’s theme was brought to you by the number twelve { so did you have a sesame street flash back?  I just did… }

I can be a serious procrastinator…an example would be this week… its thursday evening and I am just now getting my picture done and writing this blog… ohy!  { works well under pressure, right? }  I have been wracking my brain on what to do.  Really number 12 should be so easy… or so you would think.  Do I photograph the number “12”  or do I do a “gathering of the same 12 items”, or….. ah ha! I finally had it…. 12 of my favorite things… so here it is:   12 of My Favorite Things { hmm… little Oprah moment :)     me thinks i watch a little too much t.v. sometimes }

So in case you can’t figure it out:

1. Lime green is my favorite color …. and the blanket is great for travel

2. Turquoise & silver earrings

3. Geckos ~ but only in an artistic way, not a huge fan of the living ones

4. Frogs ~ again, in an artistic way….

5. Wine ~ Chocolate wine is just the best of two worlds

6. Metal Sculpture ~ this one is of leaves..  I tend to migrate toward leaves  subconsciously when decorating

7. My Bible ~ The New World Translation.  This one because one of my best    friends got it for me when we got baptised in symbol of our dedication to Jehovah ( Nov. 20, 1993 )

8. Hats ~ enough said

9. Camera ~ old or new

10. Coffee

11.  My Phone ~ how did we ever function without em?

12. Green Chili ~ I’m from New Mexico. You don’t have a meal without it!

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