52 on Friday – week #1

This weeks theme is: Self Portrait.

Honestly I have not done a self-portrait since 7th grade.  Granted these two are not exactly the same when it comes to content.  Seventh grade was paper, pencil, and a mirror … and I couldn’t get the nose right, so frustrating.  This self-portrait go around was a more positive experience.  I chose to take my last day off from my day job, and see what I came up with, a bit apprehensive, because taking a picture of yourself is a bit intimidating, at least for myself, I have always struggled with my self-image.  The more I did it though the more I became ok with staring at the camera {  hmm?? maybe this is how newscasters feel? }. I tried to set-up a “studio” in my 9’x10′ office that is literally wall-to-wall furniture ( its more like the multi-purpose room: my office, closet, dresser, and step-daughters room all in one… whoa. ), oh and did I mention I don’t own any studio lights?  Actually I kinda enjoyed the “challenge” of using whatever light source I had, and seeing what I could come up with. After a much needed nap, I decided I’d brave the cold and get a few shots outside.  I definitely enjoy natural light more!

To help all of us involved in the new adventurous project a few questions were thrown our way so that we could get started off on the right foot.  So here goes the interview:52oF: What is the first thing you see in the morning?me:  My fur babies.  I don’t have any kids of my own, so I have fur babies.  I have five: Addison who is 3yrs old, she’s 1/2 miniature poodle – 1/2 standard  Airedale, I got her from the Pulaski County Humane Society.  She was rescued from a puppy mill.  She’s quite attached and is anxious { more like desperately heartbroken } anytime I leave her.  She’s  my toddler in size & neediness, if I had kids.  Then there is Marley.  My friends got married this year, he loves dogs, she doesn’t.  They couldn’t find her a home, so I said I would be a surrogate until we could find a place.  We fell in love with her… so our home is her home.  She’s a 10yr old miniature pinscher.  Loves to cuddle up and take naps with you.  Then there is Captain, he’s 10yrs old too… he is a mix of a boston terrier, pug, and who knows… a sweet boy, who’s only request is to pet him 24-7.  I also have two cats: Mr.Biggs & Ginger ( aka: “princess fluffy butt” ).52oF: Three words that describe your personality.me:  quiet, sarcastic, determined52oF:  What is one thing you wish you could do, but can’t?

me:  bake bread.  I’ve tried, because I love fresh, warm bread, just out of the oven…. YUM!  My great-grandfather worked in a bakery in Scotland, sadly I did not inherit that gene.  My bread attempts have turned into very good paper weights.

52oF:  First song that pops into your head….. NOW!!!

me:  uh. um. pressure!  kenny chesney – i went out last night……

52oF:  What got you started in photography?

me:  I come from a very artistic family.  My grandpa was a self-taught painter.  I’ve got a cousin who excels at all the arts:  paint, sketch, sculpt, photography.  Then there is the uncle, aunt, and some more cousins that also photograph.  I tried to paint, but after winning a contest in 5th grade, where I used colored pencils, but then had to transfer that picture to a billboard by painting it, it just wasn’t the same.  Art class in 7th grade sealed it, I am not a painter.  At the time photography just seemed easier and I was always drawn to  it.  I took a photography class in high school and loved every bit of it… the technical and the creative sides.  My brother bought me a Pentax K-1000 as a graduation gift, which I still have, and I took off, camera in hand at every get-together and party.  We moved to Albuquerque in 1996 and I found a job with a school photography company.  I credit them with teaching me so much when it comes to detail, posing, and lighting.  I photographed several friends weddings, and it was fun, not work.  So yep I’m the chick with the camera everywhere I go documenting friends, events, travels, places, buildings.  It’s who I am, I see photographs in my mind everywhere I go.

52oF:  What do you love most about photography?

me: That I can travel back to that moment and remember it, and being able to do that for others just brings me warm fuzzies.

52oF:  What do you hope to learn and/or accomplish from this project?

me:  I hoping that it will pull me out of my box, that it will challenge me.  Its going to keep me actively thinking about our themes and using my camera regularly and creatively.  I am going to have to write.  Lately I have not been writing/blogging on a regular basis, so this will get me to do that.  Also with everyone in the group encouraging other followers to check each of us out, I hope that for all of us, there will be an interchange of exposure to ones we might not ever have touched.

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