52 on Friday ~ Peace

So when I look up at the clouds it just seems so peaceful up there on a beautiful sunny day with white puffy clouds & crisp blue sky….. Enjoy your Friday this first day of Winter!   See what Erin  has in store for Peace.

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52 on Friday ~ week 23

You know when you take a “road trip” and imagine its going to go smooth & well …. Right?  Ha! I know what was I thinking?!?!  Granted road trips seem to be looked back upon with some humor…. And so it began 12 days ago….

I have some friends fromNew Mexico, who were moving here, but ran into a “road block” you could say….. Their trailer broke down. Which isn’t funny by itself, but when you hear that they literally were at the state line, Exit 0 to be exact, it’s kind of funny now to think back… they just couldn’t seem to get out of the state!  If you knew them its funny because they’ve had so many road blocks and delays just to get to the point of moving….. And then this happens.

Ouy right?   To the rescue comes me.  After hearing that the threads to this trailer had melted and really there was no fixing it and apparently in the two closest towns/cities… there were no U-Hauls or other renting facilities…….. So what other option is there on a Memorial Day weekend???  Yep you have it… So my mom and I jumped into our truck, rented a trailer from U-Haul and mad the 600 mile trip, non-stop to the NM state line to help out our friends and get them moved.  Oh sure we thought no problem.  That was the beginning of our adventure really.  This caravan was a site to see!

Once loaded up again, and on our way…… the tarp covering the items continued to come uncovered and whip all over the place, no counting how many times we pulled over on I-40E to fix it.  At one point we lost a blanket…. Poor car following us got wacked with it; I can just imagine the driver’s thoughts.  Then after about 4 hours of driving, while stopped for gas, my friend notices that some of the lug nuts on her tire are missing….. What?!?!  Thankfully we were just a few miles away from an auto parts store, where here brother-in-law worked.  An hour later we were finally back on the road again….. 32 hours later we arrived home…… well mom and I arrived anyway…. Apparently somewhere in Arkansas the lug nuts again fell out, noticeable this time, and off the side of the road they were again.  Cell phone had died.  The dad had to drive to my home, unload his Jeep and then drive back to get the rest of the family…. And I thought I had had a long weekend!

Then we got into the rental house a few days later….. Whoa the smell!!  It was disgusting!  Our feet stuck to the floor.  Yep it was gonna be more work than we had imagined…. Meh.  So we started cleaning, ripping up flooring, and patching holes.  We thought the kids would be of some help in the painting dept.  I know we had lost our minds by that point….. but kids are kids… and they gave us some laughs, they were a HUGE  help… =P

After 7 days of straight cleaning, paining, and laying flooring… 8-10hour days mind you, we were exhausted.  I’m not even sure if this humorous moment will actually translate to paper or not….. but now it’s an inside joke.  Meandy and I were making a list of things we needed, and then suddenly changed our conversation to the fact that we needed to call the gas company and see if they were the ones that connected the stove to the gas connection or not…. So our minds were on the “gas company”, not on our “list”.  My mom was still thinking “list”, and mentions “5”  … we just look at her like she’s lost her mind, what in the world is she talking about?  Speed dial on the phone for the gas company???  “you know the #5 on the list she says”   We’re still confused.  Minutes later we finally get that she’s talking about the shopping list and that we need a #5 for the outside of the house to mark the house number.  We just laughed until our sides hurt.  Yep we were just a little bit tired.

Check out Mark’s humorous story by clicking HERE.  Enjoy your weekend!

NM Experiences

I just go home from an amazing two week vacation visiting friends and family in New Mexico.  Wonderful things come to those that go on vacations without expectations, which I think is why this trip was so amazing and full of lots of happy memories.  I’m a native of New Mexico, so I have seen and done alot in the Land of Enchantment… still, there are many, many places I have yet to discover there. My focus was quite simple this trip:  read.  Well… that was my “plan” anyway.  I finished only one of three books I brought.  I was happily interrupted with new “plans”.  Thanks to a long time friend who wanted to go get a drink and catch up. My cousin Polly, who stays routinely busy in an extreme way, was actually not going to be working the week I was visiting, and so I took the opportunity to drive the 1-1/2 hours to Santa Rosa and spend the day with her, her husband, my cousin David, and dear friends that are like family.  I got hooked into being interviewed that evening for David’s part during the Service Meeting at the Kingdom Hall, since the part required some shared insight from one with children, and no one in the Hall had kids ( awe man no way out of this one ).   I’m not one to get up in front of a group willingly or volunteringly on stage and speak ( well without some xanex ) except for photography… not sure why that is different?  Anywho what a warm experience it was to share – encouraging to me and to the congregation there. Yay!

Polly owns and operates Santa Fe Art Collector, an art gallery in Santa Fe.  I’ve discovered an artist who’s work is absolutely beautiful and makes me smile everytime my eyes come across her work.  I’m not usually like that… but she stands out, so I’ve got to mention her, Mikki Senkarik.  Please take a look, it’ll make you go to your happy place, and if you don’t have one… we’ll your bound to find one in her work.

David is an architect, who just recently moved back to Santa Rosa from Brooklynn, NY.  I’m excited to see his newest project a memorial for Route 66 in Santa Rosa, what an addition and new site to see in this peaceful little town!

My niece Brianna who came to Santa Rosa with me, experienced lots of “firsts”  those couple days.  One was Blue Hole.  This was a first for me too.  I had looked at it once, but it was too cold to go swiming then.  Refreshing isn’t quite the way to describe it, especially on a hot 100* day.  The water there is a constant 64 degrees.  It was COLD!  No really.  COLD!  It took us several tries before we engulfed our entire bodies into that 81 foot deep blue fresh water spring … but once you get used to it the fun begins.  My niece finally gathered some courage and jumped off the ledge.  I was so proud of her, oh how she is growing up!  I see the attraction of scuba divers now…. I just got a peek with David’s goggles under the water, this beautiful clear blue water transforms you into another world of peace, movement, and beauty.

I spent two seperate afternoons in the cultural mix of motorcycles, steel, turquoise and art that is called Madrid.  My niece LOVES this town, so we made it a point to visit.  Check out my Madrid Food blog for some more insight on places to eat.  I hit up my favorite stores, enjoyed looking at the art… which is creatively inspiring and motivating for you creative souls like me – my brain was spining with ideas.  I happily discovered that the once ” Maggie’s Diner ” that was at one time just a stage prop for the movie Wild Hogs, Wild Hogs hangerand a great background for groupies of the movie to take a picture in front of, had been turned into a shop too… yay! (my husband will be so happy next time he visits ).  Now you can purchase all the touristy type merchandise that says Maggie’s Diner, Wild Hogs, and Madrid on it.  I had to purchase a t-shirt for my motorcycle riding husband & bandana for my nephew.

My other days were filled with quiet mornings and coffee with my mom, silly moments with my two nieces and nephew, meals with my brother and sister-in-law, and assisting my mom with her bathroom remodel …. oh and a little reading { smile }.