January Self-Portrait Contest

Huge Thanks goes to Rock the Shot (www.rocktheshotforum.com ) for this contest.           Go take a look at their site!

This is an excerpt from my blog on January 6th, 2012.  I am currently participating in a photography project: “52 on Friday“.  It is a group of 13 photographers from Arkansas, with their take on each weeks theme, posting on Friday, of course.  Our first week’s theme was “self-portrait”.

Honestly I have not done a self-portrait since 7th grade.  Granted these two are not exactly the same when it comes to content.  Seventh grade was paper, pencil, and a mirror … and I couldn’t get the nose right, so frustrating.  This self-portrait go around was a more positive experience.  I chose to take my last day off from my day job, and see what I came up with, a bit apprehensive, because taking a picture of yourself is a bit intimidating, at least for myself, I have always struggled with my self-image.  The more I did it though the more I became ok with staring at the camera {  hmm?? maybe this is how newscasters feel? }. I tried to set-up a “studio” in my 9’x10′ office that is literally wall-to-wall furniture ( its more like the multi-purpose room: my office, closet, dresser, and step-daughters room all in one… whoa. ), oh and did I mention I don’t own any studio lights?  Actually I kinda enjoyed the “challenge” of using whatever light source I had, and seeing what I could come up with. After a much needed nap, I decided I’d brave the cold and get a few shots outside.  I definitely enjoy natural light more!